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We would like to thank our kind sponsors for their support. Without them, our events wouldn't be what they are.


What is CUHCS?

Mastana Committee 2012CUHCS is the Cambridge University Hindu Cultural Society. We're a thriving, dynamic society offering a wonderful opportunity to maintain your cultural and religious roots whilst you're at university or even a chance to discover what Hinduism is all about for you newbies. We provide a fantastic community to find your friends for life alongside the chance to sample and learn about the rich heritage and culture of Hinduism.

CUHCS broadens horizons, bringing people together through enjoyable events and our magazine, Sanskaar; advancing our cultural, religious, social and intellectual development whilst at the same time, helping to make a difference in people's lives while at university.

So if you want to explore all that Hindu Culture has to offer, interact with a different social circle and attend some incredible events, join us :)

What we do

Being the oldest religion in the world, Hinduism is a religion open to interpretation and is variable in its practise. CUHCS reflects this both in our activities and membership. Our wide and varied range of events throughout the year include philosophical discussions, poojas and bhajan (Hindu hymns) sessions for those of you more spiritually inclined, to our large scale festival celebrations such as our very popular Diwali Dinner, Holi (a festival of colours), Garba (traditional Indian dancing) and garden parties. Our flagship event is of course the massive, tremendously successful Asian Cultural Arts Show of music, dance and drama known as "Mastana" which happens every year, raising around £10,000 for charity. All of our events are thoroughly enjoyed and I'm sure you'll find something that will cater to your tastes.

Our events are updated regularly on our calendar alongside any key religious dates.

We also release a termly magazine, called Sanksaar, giving us an opportunity to explore topical issues whilst reflecting on various aspects of Hindu Culture, making it intellectual but also fun and interactive. Writing articles is a great way to get involved in the society and is welcomed!

We're a non-profit organisation and raise large amounts of money for charity, both in the UK and overseas; previous beneficiaries have included the Gujarat Earthquake Appeal, the Royal Brompton Hospital, London and Mind UK, Child in Need India. This is part of our commitment to Sewa, the concept of selfless service. We aim to launch a 'selfless service' programme, known as SEWA week, in the near future as well, to go out and directly serve the wider community.

Diwali Dinner 2009

Holi 2011

Mastana 2011

Keep your eyes peeled for...

We have a huge number of events in stock this year, the first of which will be the Freshers' Squash sponsored by Prince2. For clarification, a squash doesn't require you to play squash but is known as such as traditionally people tended to meet each other and drink squash :P So it's a chance for you to find out more about us, meet new freshers or like-minded people and get involved.

In addition to that we also have some talks, interactive debates, a Diwali Dinner, Garba for Navratri, a Bhajan session, known as Soul Sounds, Antakshari, Yoga Classes and so much more.

So subscribe and keep updated!