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We would like to thank our kind sponsors for their support. Without them, our events wouldn't be what they are.

About Us

Garba 2009CUHCS is a thriving, dynamic society offering a wonderful opportunity for meeting new people whilst providing the chance to sample and learn a little about the rich heritage and culture of Hinduism. We hold a wide range of events throughout the year from our popular Diwali dinner to the fun of Holi, as well as staging the ever successful cultural arts show Mastana. We also raise large amounts of money for charity as part of our commitment to Sewa (service), previous beneficiaries have included Cancer Research UK, UNICEF, Diabetes UK and The Hope Foundation. Whatever your background or interest CUHCS has something for you.


Below is our constitution, which makes us a Registered Society of the University of Cambridge.

  1. The Name of the society shall be Cambridge University Hindu Cultural Society.
  2. The society's aims shall be:
    • Educate people in Hindu philosophy (Dharma).
    • Promote awareness and understanding of Hindu Dharma and its Sanskriti (culture).
    • Serve as a network of support for Hindu students at Cambridge.
  3. Membership of the society shall be extended to all members of the University and to any others who apply to the committee. The committee shall have the right to offer honorary membership and life membership to any person it sees fit.
  4. It shall not refuse an application for membership on the grounds of race, sex, sexuality, religion or political views. However, it may expel any member for behaviour likely to bring the society into disrepute.
  5. All members in Statu Pupillari shall have full voting rights at society meetings. Members will be deemed to be in Statu Pupillari if they are currently studying or resident in Cambridgeshire. Other members do not have voting rights.
  6. Meetings of the society
    • Ordinary meetings will be determined by the committee when it sees fit.
    • The Annual General Meeting of the society will be held in the second half of Lent term. The time and venue will be determined and publicised by the committee.
  7. The committee shall be elected at the AGM, which in accordance with (6), shall be held on or before the end of Lent term. Thus, the returning officers must ensure that proper transfer and due process are able to take place. The newly elected officers must also take responsibility for ensuring the continuation of their new roles within the Society.
  8. Nominations must be given to the returning officer (appointed by the committee) in writing 24 hours before the AGM. Any member of the society may be nominated for any post. There may be hustings at the AGM
  9. Votes shall be counted by the committee members and the returning officer. The election and count shall be done using a method agreed by the committee.
  10. The committee may at its discretion co-opt additional committee members to itself where it perceives the need, or to fill vacancies as they may arise.
  11. The committee shall consist of
    • A President
    • A Vice-President
    • A Secretary
    • A Treasurer
    • Two Publicity Officers
    • At least 1 Sponsorship Officer
    Additionally, if needed, up to 4 general committee positions may also be contested, the exact number and specific roles to be decided by the present committee.
  12. The senior treasurer will audit the society's books.
  13. Amendments to the constitution may be submitted by any 6 members of the society and must be submitted in writing to the secretary. This constitution may only be amended at an AGM or a meeting specially called by the committee for that purpose. All members of the society with full voting rights are eligible to vote. No vote on a constitutional amendment shall be valid unless 20 members with full voting rights are present at the meeting.
  14. The society shall be a registered society of the University of Cambridge and in all matters the rules and regulations of the University shall be upheld. All rulings of the University shall be binding upon the society.
  15. The Society must first and foremost cover its operational costs. Any money to be raised for charity, charitable purposes or good causes or awarded in grants or gifts shall be given to causes approved by the Senior Treasurer and/or organisations to which the society affiliates.