Hindu Chaplain

Some more information on the university's Hindu chaplain, Dr Vickneswaren Krishnan or Dr Vick for short.

A Quick Introduction

Dr Vick is married, and, is blessed with two little 'Devi's'. He has now been residing in London for almost 20 years and is a Barrister and a Professor of Law by profession.

Contact Information

Dr Vick can be contacted at the chaplains email address chaplainvick@gmail.com


Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dr Vick has been a Sai devotee since the age of 14 after a personal 'divine' experience with Shridi Sai Baba. Since then, Dr Vick has been with Bro Jegathesan ( his first Guru, if you like!! ), until he came to UK for further studies in 1988. He led the Malaysian Youth Group before coming to the UK in 1988. His highlight was being featured in Who's Who in the World - 2005 Edition.

As a Sai Devotee, Dr Vick's passion is the 'Vedas and the Itihasas; The Gita, Ramayana and Mahabarata. Dr Vick has been blessed with several close brushes/experiences with the Divine Presence - the most recent one being the vision of Lord Shiva when he 'trekked' around the Holy Mount Kailash in July 2005.


LL.B (Hons), LLM, MA, ACI.Arb, AIPFM, ACII, Barrister at law and a Ph.D from Cambridge University in E-Commerce Law in 2003

Currently working towards a second Ph.D on 'Vedantic Philosophy' at the Oxford Institute of Sanskrit Studies (this is what he loves doing (more than being a Barrister but unfortunately, one has to work to transgress the ocean of samsara ) !!!


Dr Vick is a Barrister and a Professor of Law at both the public and private sector educational institutions. He is also a Visiting Professor of Law to Botswana University

Voluntary Work

  • Sathya Sai Service Organisation
  • Trustee of a Hindu Temple
  • Hindu Chaplain for London Resilience team ( Central Govt at Westminster )
  • School Governor (Gateway Academy)
  • Academies Trustee (DFES)
  • L.B of Redbridge & Newham - Multi Faith Panel Member

Primary Goal

To educate everyone everywhere on the intrinsic human values of love, right-conduct, peace, non-violence and truth. To inspire the aspiring and to make everybody see the good and the god in others ultimately…

Hobbies & Interests

Working on his second Ph.D
Reading, Travelling, Meditating & Giving Public Speeches

Role of Hindu Chaplain

Act as a focal point for issues relating to Hinduism, Hindu Indian Culture.

Represent Hinduism at Inter-faith meetings and related events.

Increase awareness and understanding of Hindu studies, scriptures, philosophy within both the CUHCS and the wider community.

Organise events that are both informative and entertaining with the help of themes drawn from Hindu teachings.

Run workshops, seminars and ‘open days’ to promote the holistic oneness of Hinduism - a ‘way of life’ that is open to all - all faiths, atheists and theists alike.

Develop the practical aspects of the Hindu way of life by demonstration: drama, debates, and road shows: The ‘Living Geeta’ - a life of ‘ideals’ and not ‘idols’.

Work towards the establishment of a permanent full time chaplaincy role to ensure that there is consistent and immediate support and guidance ‘on tap’.

One can be a negotiator in the world of war, and still live the Hindu way of life - ‘ahimsa in action’, teaching spirituality and balancing apparently conflicting goals. This is karma yoga - this is Hinduism.

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